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Technological equipment:

  • vitreous enameling plant;
  • CNC fiber laser cutting installation for steel sheet with thickness up to 12 mm;
  • CNC laser-cutting installations for steel sheet with thickness up to 6 mm;
  • CNC punching machine for shaping holes in steel sheet;
  • CNC press-brake for steel sheet with thickness up to 6 mm and length 3 m;
  • blade guillotines for cutting-up  steel sheet with thickness up to 9 mm;
  • off-centered presses up to 250 t;
  • double-acting presses up to 500 t;
  • machines for electro-resistance welding: spot and knife;
  • welding machines for shielded arc welding;
  • shot blasting cleaning camera;
  • appliances for degreasing, oxidation and nickel plating of steel components;
  • electrostatic powder coating line of components, assemblies and ready-made goods;
  • induction furnace for melting ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • laboratory for chemical analysis and company metrological control;
  • natural gas infrared radiating heating of the workshops;

Our team

Our team

SKLADOVA TEHNIKA is a company with private capital and main activity in design, manufacturing, trade, installation and servicing of material handling equipment, load-hoisting machinery and household appliances.

SKLADOVA TEHNIKA keeps its reputation of a serious European manufacturer by means of high professionalism, commitment to customers’ requirements and incessant improvement and renovation of production lines.